Crew Traınıng

Şener Petrol Denizcilik believes strong training programme is the only way for absolute succes. has introduced a comprehensive training process for training crew both onboard and ashore. The training system uses training units which provide access to Videos and Computer-based Trainings.

During the Recruitment Process all officers carry out an on-line assessment as part of the pre-assessment test in accordance with the specific duties. No candidate who fails the pre-assessment test will be employed. Successful candidates have to begin an office training program before joining the vessel.

All seafarers ,  and monitored by internal and external audits, and superintendents evaluation reports. Additional training needs are determined with this reports.


Maritime trainer is a CBT programme for all kind of seafarers. Please use the below link to acess the system.


Karco is a 3D training program with includes many of animations.



A-583 TCG ISIN designed by SEFT Gemi Dizayn and build by İstanbul Shipyard on 22 july 2017.

MTA ORUC REIS designed by SEFT Gemi Dizayn and build by İstanbul Shipyard on 22 july 2017.

A-584 TCG AKIN designed by SEFT Gemi Dizayn and build by İstanbul Shipyard on 29 december 2017.


A-582 TCG ALEMDAR designed bySEFT Gemi Dizayn and build by İstanbul Shipyard on 28 january 2017.